Do you offer refunds on digital stamp sets?  No, the only way I will consider offering a refund is if ordered twice by mistake.

Can I print and use in craft kits?  No


Where are you located?  I'm based in Victoria in Australia.

How long is shipping? 
While shipping is unpredictable, the general timeline within Australia is 1-2 weeks.  International can be 4-8 weeks.

Do you offer a refund? No.  I only offer a refund if contacted on the same day and not yet sent. 

Do you resend lost stamps in the mail?  NO, once your order has left my hands, I take no responsibility for the post. It's a loss to both parties.

Do you have tracking?  No, to keep mailing more affordable for you I don't offer tracking.

I just realised my address is wrong and my parcel has been sent? You will have to sort this out on your end, as there is nothing I can do, once your order has left.

Can I use stamped images for kits?  No.


Do you design for other companies?  Yes and I love it.  If you would like me to design for you, please contact me as I would love to hear from you, kelliewinnell AT gmail DOT com

Do I take stamp Suggestions?  Yes, contact me kelliewinnell AT gmail DOT com